Today is Gong Yoo’s birthday! The K-drama actor turns 34 years old today, yet still has the chocolate abs of a 21 year old. I mean, Gong Yoo in clothes is nice and all, but it’s his birthday and there's a rule that says guys with nice abs need to be shirtless on their birthday. I’m not even lying, this rule is totally real (in my mind)! So obviously, Gong Yoo and I decided the best way to celebrate his birth would be by posting photos of him shirtless, so here they are!

Gong Yoo1

Gong Yoo2

Gong Yoo3

Gong Yoo4

Gong Yoo5

Gong Yoo6

Gong Yoo7

Gong Yoo8

Gong Yoo9

Goong Yoo10

Have a happy birthday Gong Yoo!! KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE