It's Joo Won's 27th birthday today, and what better way to celebrate than to stare at photos showing off how beautiful he's grown up to be?

At 185 cm, which is 6 foot 1 inch for those lacking metric knowledge (I used a conversion chart), Joo Won hit the genetic lottery with long legs and good looks. Now, if you have a weird obsession for Joo Won like I do, then you know that back when he played Ma Jun-ahh (yes "ahh") in Baker King Kim Tak Goo, he was much slimmer than now. You will notice his weight fluctuation in a few of these photos, so pay attention! You will be questioned at the end of the scroll!

8. This whole outfit is just so cool looking on him! Don't you just love when he gives that serious "I'm gonna destroy you and your family" look?! ATTRACTIVE!

7. It's like how many wishes do I really need to make in order for Joo Won to appear on my kitchen counter top? #IwishAGAIN

6. Even if he's not older than you, this picture forces you to say it anyway: "OPPA!!!"

5. #TeamCuddleWithJooWon

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4. Look at how slim he was! Also I once did a Twin Zone featuring him and Ricky from TEEN TOP. With this hair think about it: Ricky circa Supa Luv promos.

3. I would honestly sell my puppy brother Woo to be that book. #ImKidding #ImSerious

2. Ugh! He is just so cat-looking and perfect.

1. Joo Won in all white! Remember in Bridal Mask when he was getting dressed and he had on those white pants? Such a heavenly vision.

Happy 27th birthday, Joo Won!!

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After checking out Joo Won's body and seeing how slim he once was, do you prefer him then or now?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE