Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho! On June 22, Lee Min Ho will turn 28 (or 27 in American age.) His fans from around the world have been waiting excitedly for this day. Why is he so adored by his fans? He, himself, readily admits he's not a good dancer or a strong singer, but he has become one of the most popular actors and ushered in a resurgence of Hallyu wave for Korean dramas in countries around the world. For the Minoz everywhere, Lee Min Ho is more than just an actor. They are totally dedicated to supporting him. Let's see if you are ready to become a Minoz too based on these 10 facts.

There are many good qualities that we can list about Lee Min Ho, but the totality of the many factors combined is what makes a perfect man. (The list here is not in any order of significance.)

1. He's handsome. There's no disagreement about his handsome looks, is there? Lee Min Ho himself attributes his good looks to inheriting genes from his parents. Although he realizes his looks are his strongest asset, he's also said, 'I will never become narcissistic just because I'm handsome.' That is very humble of him too.

2. He's cute and endearing. His Chinese fans have given him many different nicknames. One is Da Meng, or Big Cutie, for his very cute face and smile. Another is Lee San Sui, or Three-Year Old Lee, a teasing term because he once fell down on the red carpet like a three-year old child would.

3. He has good manners. When he was appointed an Honorary Prosecutor after his successful City Hunter drama, he offered to step down the steps for the photo-shoot so that his height wouldn't intrude and make the group look inconsistent. He was praised as well-mannered.

4. He loves his family. Although Lee has said he's not as good as his sister in taking care of his mother, he's shown his affection in many ways. He gave his first earnings to his mother when he worked as a model during high school. He would buy a bouquet of roses or a small gift and leave it on the table quietly. He also bought his family a new home when he made (a lot) more money. His family also includes Choco, a miniature pinscher.

5. He cares about his fans. He has a very strong connection with his fans. When he attends fan meets, lucky fans can get on stage and get a hug from him. During a fan meet in Shanghai, Lee found that a fan did not get a prepared fan gift due to a miscount, so he immediately took off his necklace and gave it to her. He also listens to good advice from his fans. He often wears blue because many of his fans have told him he looks the best in blue.

6. He's funny. In a recent interview, he was asked by a fan what he would do if he were the fan and met Lee Min Ho and he replied, 'Kidnapping,' meaning he would kidnap himself. Very funny! On the Heirs set, he was known as the prankster and liked to tease co-star Park Shin Hye. Park said in an interview about Lee, “He is a real gentleman, very well-mannered but still a kid in many ways.”

7. He's inspiring. The story of his car wreck that led to him staying in the hospital for a year is well known. He couldn't move much and used that time to think. Since then he has risen from the lows of that painful time in his life to success, but there's no doubt that he will continue his ascent because he's learned how important motivation is. He's said that his job, acting, can give hope and courage to people. His thoughtfulness makes him a role model that the young (and even the old) can learn from.

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8. He's a leader. He started the Promiz campaign this year to use social media to encourage charitable donations toward good causes. We are all for Lee Min Ho making the world a better place.

9. He knows how to get rid of stress. Sleep! That's his simple secret. It explains why he seems always happy and relaxed.

Lee Min Ho sleeping

10. He gives good advice. Lee Min Ho has said the number one requirement as a man is keeping promises. He also said caring and tolerance are required qualities in any person.

No wonder he has millions of fans in Asia and around the world. At current count, he has almost 15 million fans on Facebook, almost 2 million followers on Twitter, and well over 22 million followers on Weibo, China's Twitter-like service. There are probably more fans out there, too many to count. Many of these fans have organized into Minoz fan clubs in their countries. They share information about his activities, events and photos, and create themed images and videos. On Soompi, the current hot topic is about what each fan or fan club is doing for Lee Min Ho's birthday on its long running thread started in 2007.

For many days now, Lee Min Ho's fans around the world have been preparing for his birthday by making special themed birthday cards, videos and gifts. (The cute birthday card at the top of this article was made by Anna, a Minoz who runs a fansite on Facebook.)

Here's a video from a group of adorable Minoz fans who live in Turkey, wishing Lee Min Ho a happy birthday:

Aww... that's so cute.

Happy Birthday, Lee Min Ho!

And thank you, Minoz of the world, for your constant support for your favorite actor. Fighting!