Happy birthday to Roy Chiu, who turns 33 on October 14. If you've been wondering where the popular Taiwanese actor has been after bringing us great shows such as Office Girls and Miss Rose, here's the answer. 

After finishing the drama series Miss Rose in Taiwan, Roy went to China and started a string of projects. So far he has finished two TV dramas, completed a movie, and now he's started on a new drama. (As a bonus find for this article, you'll also see him doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge all by himself.) 

1. Wine Beauty: a 42-episode romance drama. Roy plays the lead, who is from a wine-making family but wants to be a pop singer. Here's a short video of him singing in the drama. Wine Beauty premiered on TV in July this year.

2. Super Cinderella: In this heartwarming romantic comedy, Roy plays the lead who is a medical doctor who falls for his hardworking nurse. The drama is already completed and is waiting for approval to be broadcast sometime this year.

(image: Baidu)

3. Romance Descends from the Heavens: Can you guess that Roy plays an airline pilot in the movie? He certainly looks handsome in uniform. He co-stars in this romantic comedy that is to be released by the end of the year. This is Roy's first time filming a movie in China. He reportedly worked extra hours to prepare for his lines and to make sure his pronunciation matched the mainland Chinese accent.

(photo: sina)

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4. Cold Love Be Passionately In Love: This is a new romance comedy drama that Roy is starring in. It is expected to start broadcasting in 2015. The following photos are from the make-up artist showing Roy Chiu getting some touch-ups on the set.

(photos: Zheng Ming)

5. ALS Ice Bucket Challenge: I was about to conclude this article when I ran across the video of Roy Chiu doing the Ice Bucket Challenge. He started by scooping up ice from behind a huge "beverage" bar and carrying a big bucket of the ice and water outside. It's quite fun to watch. As he was walking out, a little kid said, "So heavy."  Let's take a look:

6. Auto Racing: Roy is really into racing and is a Formula One race driver. His last recorded win was in Taiwan's TAROKO IAME X30 Challenge in December 2013.

(photoo Baidu)

Happy Birthday, Roy, and we wish you another prosperous year. We hope to see you in your new drama soon and also hope you'll have time to continue with your racing hobby.