It's a very special day for Kang So Ra today — she just turned 26! (Fun fact, Kang So Ra and Park Shin Hye share the exact same birthday, both being born on February 18, 1990!) This lovely actress not only shines when acting, but also when she walks the red carpet. To help us celebrate, here are 10 of Kang So Ra's most stunning red carpet looks!

Scroll down to see some of Kang So Ra's best red carpet dresses below!

1. 2014 Korean Drama Awards

I love the color of this dress! Purple really suits Kang So Ra!

2. 2011 Busan International Film Festival

Doesn't she look angelic in this white gown?

3. 2011 MBC Gayo Daejun Festival

The neck piece, open back, and stunning shoes make this red carpet look a complete winner. 

4. 2011 Blue Dragon Film Awards

This stunning blue dress is a perfect fit for the Blue Dragon Awards! I just love the flowing skirt and one off-the-shoulder strap.

5. 2013 SBS Drama Awards

Doesn't Kang So Ra look stunning in this dress? So elegant and classy! 

6. 2015 MBC Awards

While this look opts for a more simple design, I love the way that she looks in this dress. The color fits her perfectly!

7. 2012 BUIL Film Awards

The slit on the dress certainly accents her lovely long legs. So pretty!

8. 2014 SBS Awards

This dress is a breath of fresh air! The red lace shoes are also a fantastic touch.

9. 2012 Busan International Film Festival

This dress looks fit for a princess! Kang So Ra easily pulls off this sophisticated look.

10. 2014 MAMA Awards

This lace outfit fits Kang So Ra perfectly, accentuating her figure and creating a striking image. Even better, this beautiful dress is from H&M and only cost $30!

Which red carpet look is your favorite? Share your thoughts below!

Happy Birthday, Kang So Ra!


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