Today is Yoo Ah In's 28th birthday! You cannot possibly live as a K-drama fan and not have a soft spot in your heart for Yoo Ah In. I mean, he looks great in both traditional hanbok and modern fashion, which says a lot considering many actors are good looking, but not all of them look good in traditional attire. Part of the reason he can pull off various looks is his face. He's handsome, yet rugged, complete with natural sex appeal. To celebrate his birth, why not celebrate the handsome man he's grown up to be with 9 of his most smoldering looks?

 9. Look at his jaw line! His neck, his eyes, his lips, his nose! Talk about perfect side-profile visual overload!

8. I know, I know. His lips are amazing.

7. See what I'm talking about? Just smoldering and sexy to the max!

6. He has way too many great facial features, but it's his eyes that reign king in this photo.

Watch Yoo Ah In heat up the screen in  Secret Love Affair:

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5. Yoo Ah In! I cannot have a normal conversation with you if you're gonna sit there pouting your lips like that. 

4. Simply gorgeous! His eyebrows look amazing O.M.G

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3. He looks like one of those sarcastic fast-talking dudes that you hate, but yet you feel strongly attracted to at the same time #LeadGuySyndrome 

2. Whatever! Yoo Ah In, you're being way too rude here looking at everyone like this and touching your mouth!! Isn't he just perfect?

1. Please be mindful of your laptop and phone screens. I know the urge to claw at his chest is strong.

Happy 28th birthday, Yoo Ah In!!!

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE