It's almost Chuseok, a.k.a. Korean Thanksgiving! Yesterday, we asked you which K-drama you were most grateful for. Today, we are wondering which K-drama celebrity you would want to spend this holiday with!

In a survey conducted amongst 722 students from The Seoul Arts College, students picked their 5 top male and female celebrities they wanted to spend the festivities with. While the 451-member female student body picked Park Bo Gum and the 271-member male student body went for Kim Yoo Jung, scroll down to see who the other eight celebrities who made it to the top are:


1. Park Bo GumWon by: 161 of the 451 votes

2. Park Hae Jin

Won by 88 of the 451 votes

3. Lee Joon Ki

Won by 67 of the 451 votes

4. Song Joong Ki

Won by: 54 of the 451 votes

5. Yoo Seung Ho

Won by: 41 of the 451 votes


1. Kim Yoo Jung

Won by: 84 of the 271 votes

2. Kim Seol Hyun

Won by 45 of the 271 votes

3. Lee Ji Eun (IU) 

Won by 43 of the 271 votes

4. Song Hye Gyo

Won by: 37 of the 271 votes

5. Kim So Hyun

Won by: 23 of the 27 votes

If you had to invite a celebrity home for thanksgiving, who would you pick? Chat with us in the comments section below!


Scarlet Heart: Ryeo

Starring Lee Joon Ki and Lee Ji Eun (IU)

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