I swear! September 27th is really National Chocolate Milk Day, and to celebrate I’ve gathered photos of Heirs star Choi Jin Hyuk shirtless showing off his chocolate abs!

Chocolate abs have everything to do with chocolate milk because umm, without a chocolate bar you can’t make chocolate milk and umm, if it wasn’t for the chocolate bar there would be no comparison of abs to the chocolate bar (o_0). Also Choi Jin Hyuk's last name starts with “C” and chocolate starts with "C" and there’s a chocolate bar on the chocolate milk box which is comparable to Choi Jin Hyuk's chocolate abs so therefore... HAPPY NATIONAL CHOCOLATE MILK DAY!

All these clothes! I suppose you can look at it as unwrapping the chocolate abs bar (muahah)

Chocolate Milk apparently did his body really good (-_-)

His whole upper body!

Do you see the freakin veins in his arm?!

I haven't watched I Need Romance but if this is what's going on it, well then.

Was he about to take his pants off?! Was he thinking about it?! (-_-)

Will Choi Jin Hyuk take his shirt off in Heirs? You'll never be lucky enough to find out if you don't set your new episode alerts HERE. It would totally suck if everyone but you saw a shirtless scene wouldn't it? #DontBeTheOnlyOneMissingChocolateAbs

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE