Ever wanted your hair looking exactly like you just walked out of an anime? Well, now you can, as a hair salon just opened up in Tokyo with professional anime-fan hair stylists ready to cut and style your hair exactly like your favorite character.

After doubling their crowdfunding goal, a few hardcore anime-loving hair stylists just recently opened up their own hair salon in the Akihabara district of Tokyo, known for its gigantic electronics stores and anime/otaku culture. On October 1, OFF-KAi!! welcomed its first customers, who got the best haircuts of their lives at the coolest hair salon they'd ever been in. Because its run by anime fans, for anime fans, the salon has a very welcoming vibe. With anime art on the walls, hundreds and hundreds of manga on bookshelves placed in the space, along with a projector showing anime throughout the day, this place is an otaku's paradise. 

The salon is no joke. The stylists are as professional as they come, but they just love anime. And what's cool is that the pricing is very reasonable, with haircuts starting at 5400 yen, which is about 52 US dollars. That's about what you'd pay in many salons around Tokyo, but those hair stylists wouldn't know what you were talking about if you ever asked them to make your hair look like Goku. And a lot of salons won't have the crazy colors and shades that are offered at OFF-KAi!!.

So if you're ever in Tokyo, and in need of a trim, take a trip to Akihabara and visit this very unique hair salon. Even if you're not that into anime, the experience itself will be well worth it, and you'd be walking out with the craziest haircut you've ever had.



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