On March 16th, the four girls of Six Bomb will unmask on a live television performance on Korean television, revealing their new looks to a public that is well aware of their controversial promotion, one that included a collective 87,000 dollars worth of plastic surgery, all part of the group's "Becoming Prettier" comeback. Even if this is all taking place in a country where getting cosmetic work done is part of the norm, has Six Bomb's gimmick gone a little too far?

So, in case you haven't heard, Six Bomb is four-member idol group in Korea, and they are no strangers to controversy. Known for their provocative outfits and lyrics, the group has always pushed buttons since its debut. Last month, it was revealed that one of its members had taken part as the lead actress in an adult film before she joined the group. And now, they all got plastic surgery as a way to promote their newest song, "Becoming Prettier." They even recorded the process, and spent a total of 100 million won (about 87,000 dollars) between the four of them. "100 million won was spent on plastic surgery. But Soa, Gabin, and Dain combined used 95 million of that. We got surgeries all over our upper bodies." That is an actual quote from a recent interview. 

This is pretty messed up, on a number of levels. Were the girls forced to take part in this? What's the deal? Even Seulbi, who didn't get as much work done as the other three girls, apparently got her nose fixed. "I only got my nose done. I had to get a little bit done to look good. Ever since I was a child, my dream was to become a singer but I was on track to not be able to achieve that dream until I was able to join Six Bomb."

I understand social and cultural norms are different everywhere, but all this just seems a bit much. Plastic surgery is of course, a personal choice, and there's absolutely no judgement there. But many of these idols are young and impressionable, and will do anything for fame and fortune. There's just something very dark about someone profiting off young girls announcing and revealing results of their plastic surgeries. What do you think?

Six Bomb's new looks will be revealed in two days.


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