2NE1’s super cute member, Park Bom, recently shared a photo of herself posing with Charlie Brown at the Charlie Brown themed café. The photo is totally adorable, but something looks a little off, and I think it’s a few of Bommie's fat cells.

Now don’t get all defensive and freaked out that I’m picking on her, because I’m not; I’m actually just stating the obvious.


Back in July

Her jawline is extremely sharp now and her legs are skinnier than ever. I know she lost some weight for the Falling In Love comeback, but it seems that she hasn’t stopped. When I saw her in person, her legs were nowhere near that skinny, and you can tell there is a major difference in her appearance between now and the way she looked in July.

What do you think? Has Bommie lost too much weight?

KrisE! @K_Kisses_KrisE