Kim Soo Hyun has always been the lovable K-drama boy-next-door. I was rooting for him in one of his first starring roles as the sweet and caring Song Sam Dong in Dream High. To date, Kim seems to have the coveted squeaky clean image many celebrities desire. 

Has he ever been caught up in trending scandalous news? In light of his upcoming KBS series about the behind-the-scenes aspect of a variety show, let's explore the times Kim's real life headlines would have been perfect for theProducervariety show spotlight.

Following his on-screen crush on Suzy Bae in Dream High, rumors began swirling that the cute pair was actually dating. Their friendship continued to grow through their advertisement and modeling gigs. After Dream High wrapped, the actor even admitted he favored Miss A over other sexy girl groups.

Nonetheless, both stars insisted they never officially dated. The pesky rumors began disappearing.

The Moon that Embraces the Sun star was also caught in a water controversy. He and his My Love From Another Star costar Jeon Ji Hyun promoted bottled water that was incorrectly an advertisement. The name Jang bai shan was written on the label that was supposed to read Mount Baekdusan.

That small mistake brought to light China and Korea's fight for ownership of one of three ancient Korean kingdoms, Goguryeo. The ad mistake hinted that the mountain lying between North Korea and China was actually Chinese territory.

The stars' agencies apologized for offending the public. Kim's agency, KeyEast, promised to be more careful in the future.

"The agency feels sorry for not checking the water source thoroughly. We will be more cautious in other ads in the future," they told The Korean Herald.

Besides the misunderstandings above, Kim Soo Hyun has maintained a great public image. Bravo, Mr. Kim!

If you had to choose one of his small scandals, which one do you think would fit into the Producer script? 

You can see Kim Soo Hyun and Jeon Ji Hyun in My Love from Another Star:

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Image Source: Allkpop