The drama keeps unfolding for Hwayoung, who has decided to shut down her Instagram account after being bombarded by anger and hate from netizens who refuse to relent from giving the star a piece of their minds. So what are they so upset about, anyway?

No one is having it, when it comes to the past behavior of Ryu Hwa Young. Apparently, fans just would not stop from letting the controversy regarding bullying during her time with T-ARA go away, and they've been non-stop sending her hateful comments on Instagram. Despite attempts to defend herself, Hwayoung decided to best thing to do was shut down her account. Sure, ruined reputations are hard to fix, especially when the sincerity of the those who have offended are brought into question. When text messages between Hwayoung and Areum (T-ARA's youngest member at the time) were released a few years ago, fans shockingly read of how the senior Hwayoung not only bullied, but literally physically threatened Areum. "Stupid bitch. Show up in front of me, we’ll see what happens." Pretty scary, especially considering the younger member's only offense was simple not making Hwayoung feel more appreciated for helping her, apparently. Here's what she wrote to Areum at the time: "Areum, when someone takes care of you, you say ‘thank you’ and be grateful. If you don’t want to take a beating, get it together. Rumors in the industry spread fast. And don’t go blabbing. Be classy ^^. I’m really mad right, now, so let’s not run into each other?" Doesn't sound so sweet, it's understandable why fans would get upset. On top of all this, a number of former staff members who have worked with Hwayoung on television shows have in the last few months come up with their own instances of being mistreated by the actress.

Despite all the talk being of her behavior in the past, the damage seems to be irreversible. The T-ARA scandal five years ago was one of the biggest scandals ever to hit a girl Kpop group — with all the negativity surrounding the girls, T-ARA was no longer looked at the same in the eyes of the public. Hwayoung, of course, is no longer with the group. She recently tried to explain her past behavior and put the blame on other people and circumstances in her life, but to no avail. She was called out by those who were present, and her reputation seems to pretty much be unfixable, but we'll see what happens.

May this be a lesson to us all. It's important to be on your best behavior at all times, and respect those around you, because if you don't, the past can surely come back to haunt you.


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