Fashion conscious girls in Japan have their eyes on new see-through shoe designs, and many predict these shoes will be the next big thing.

These shoes are called "Clear Shoes." Initially, the idea seems weird. See-through shoes? Just doesn't sound like they'd be cool. What's the point? But according to many, these see-through shoes have got a lot going for them. First and foremost, by having a see-through body, it's as though they're part invisible, and you can turn your sock design into the design of your shoe. So change socks, change styles. This allows for a wide variety of looks, and gives you many choices when coordinating your outfit, which makes deciding what to wear a whole lot of fun. Basically, you can have different looking shoes on every day of the week just by wearing different socks. Bright flowers, straight black, whatever it is you're feeling. And some girls say because the clear shoe exposes more of you feet, it has the added bonus of making your legs look longer. And they're not pricey at all. The shoes start at around 2500 yen, or 25 dollars, and go up to 5000 or so.

There are all sorts of shoes for all seasons including sneakers, heels, platforms, dress shoes, and even rain boots. A clear shoe for every occasion!

Keep your eyes open. Maybe they might catch on.

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