A little journalistic accident is shedding light on So Ji Sub and Jooyeon’s dating rumors. A reporter wrote in his exclusive report on Song Seung Hun’s birthday party that both So Ji Sub and Jooyeon had attended. The later version of the article, updated hours later, removed So Ji Sub and Jooyeon without posting a correction.

Thousands of confused readers commented on the article. They said, “The names So Ji Sub and Jooyeon disappeared from the article,” “Was this a mistake or intended?” “This means (the dating news) has been a well-known fact among the reporters,” “Who is Jooyeon? I’m jealous,” and “Are they getting married soon?”

The Oh My Venus actor and Jooyeon, a graduate member of After School, have been denying the dating rumors since 2013.

So Ji Sub had said on his ideal girlfriend, "The first thing I see in someone is if she can understand my occupation, me. I'm always sorry for my girlfriend. To be honest, I can't hold her hands on the streets, go to the movies, or enjoy a meal at a restaurant. I feel bad about it."

He further explained that he's introverted and compared his personality to his character Kang In Wook of What Happened in Bali.

What do you think of this little accident? Do you think So Ji Sub an Jooyeon are dating for real? Share your thoughts with us down below!

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