With outfits, pens, jewelry, other accessories, and now with a new complete drink set, Sailor Moon fans are soon going to be able to have Moon Prism Power in every single thing that they do.

One day, manufactures are going to run out of Sailor Moon product ideas to develop. But until then, they are going to continue making anything and everything Sailor Moon. The most recent product line, the Ochadomo(tea friends) Series, is a complete set of colorful Sailor Moon cups and glasses, and it comes with original coasters. What makes this set special for fans is that it includes eight characters from the animation, not just Sailor Moon herself. So when your fellow Sailor Mooners are over for dinner and drinks, they can take sips of their drinks with their favorites!

These cups and glasses are available for purchase this December, and they are super-reasonably priced at 600 yen. If not for yourself, they are a great gift idea for any of your friends who are Sailor Moon fans. A photo contest of the Ochadomo Series in actual use awaits.

Somewhere, some Sailor Moon faithful has an apartment covered in Moon Prism stuff. But something tells me there's a lot more to come.

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