The newest KBS teen series School 2015 places a spotlight on the harsh reality of bullying in high schools today. The leading actress Kim So Hyun, who portrays the tormented Lee Eun Bi and secretly targeted Lee Eun Byul, makes viewers question what high school was really like for the main stars. 

Child actress Kim has grown up in the public eye, and not much is known about her elementary or middle school years. However, the cutie pie playing a dual role in School 2015 decided to skip traditional high school altogether.

“I made the decision because I had a hard time attending school and studying due to filming, " she said at a recent press conference for the new K-drama. 

"Also, I feel like I’m becoming a hindrance to my friends. In order to make more meaningful use of my time, I have decided to do homeschooling and take a equivalency exam instead of moving on to high school."

Nam Joo Hyuk, who portrays swimmer Han Yi Ahn (Ian), won our hearts as Lee Su Hyun's clueless crush in Akdong Musician's "200%" and "Give Love" music videos. 

The handsome male model made his debut as an actor last summer in TvN's series Surplus Princess. Growing up in Busan, he didn't have an average middle school or high school experience. Nam decided to solely focus on his future career as a model early in life.

 "If it wasn’t for my unexpected one foot growth spurt in middle school, I wouldn't have dreamed of being a model," he told Nylon Korea magazine last spring. 

"After living in Busan, I moved to Sowon in Kyunggi-do when I was in high school. [That is where] I attended a modeling academy."

BtoB member Yook Sung Jae (character Gong Tae Kwang) spent his teen years training at Cube Entertainment and debuting as a boy band member and actor. Again, his high profile career has protected him from the cruel reality of bullying in a traditional school setting.

I'm sure the main actors had to face their share of hardships, but thankfully none of them have endured the vicious treatment Eunbi suffers in School 2015

Did you watch the premiere of School 2015? If not, watch it below!

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