"Divorce ceremony" is not something new in Asia. There are a couple of agencies in Japan that have specialized in divorce ceremony planning since 2010. Hiroki Terai, one of the planners of divorce ceremonies, stated since divorce rates were climbing, getting a divorce was not something humiliating. The couple would like to host a divorce ceremony in front of their family and friends, smashing their wedding rings and showing their plan to rethink the meaning of marriage and life.

Well, it is probably the second time for Yao Chen to participate in a "Divorce Ceremony. The first time, when Yao Chen played a role in top Chinese director Feng Xiaogang's film If You Are the One 2, her role is the girl who got divorced from her rich husband. The divorce ceremony is extravagant. 

However in Divorce Lawyers, Yao Chen actually is the planner for the whole divorce ceremony. It is the heartbreaking moment in this drama. Prepare the tissues for the new episode of Divorce Lawyers. Observe how this divorce ceremony turns out!

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