Megastar Song Il Gook of Jumong and The Kingdom of the Wind takes on a contemporary role as a revenge-driven hero in weekend drama A Man Called God. Based on a manhwa from Park Gong Sung, the drama also stars Han Chae Young of Delightful Girl Chun-Hyang. A high-budget action series, it was the first Korean drama to be filmed partially in Hawaii, and also utilized Honolulu, Waikiki Beach and other famous locations. Following the comic-book style of the manhwa, it's a love story about a man caught between revenge and love. Cold and brilliant billionaire/secret agent Choi Kang-ta sets out to avenge his parents' death but learns a little about love and justice along the way. Orphaned at age 7 when his parents and sister are killed, Choi Kang-ta (played by Song Il Gook) is adopted by an American couple. Growing up in America, he joins the secret service and rises quickly in the ranks, becoming a top-notch international agent known as Michael King. After returning to Korea, he begins investigating his family's death, determined to avenge them. When his long-term partner and fellow agent Vivian Castle (Han Go Eun) betrays him, he's nearly killed, but is nursed back to health by journalist Jin Bo Bae (Han Chae Young). After recovering he moves into a slum neighborhood and befriends the poor people there. Driven by their plight to seek justice for the world, he falls for the kind-hearted Bo Bae. But Hwang Woo-hyun (Kim Min Jong), a high-ranking agent with the National Intelligence Agency, is also in love with her, and sets powerful forces in motion to take out Kang-ta. Meanwhile, Kang-ta discovers (or so he thinks) that Bo Bae is the daughter of the man responsible for his family's death... Watch A Man Called God on DramaFever!