Hayao Miyazaki has always been known to have strong opinions, and he's not one to pull his punches. Recently, he was interviewed in Japan about a variety of topics, and the conversation turned to otakus (people with obsessive interests). True to form, he let his thoughts be known, and who he thinks are the worst kind may surprise you.

"But you're an otaku too, aren't you?" That was all the interviewer had to say. Miyazaki responded, "You say otaku, but the otakus I'm talking about are the gun otaku. I'll tell you honestly, they're really low level, and out of all the gun nuts, the pistol nuts are the worst. They're so low level, they are the most immature, it's like they still have childlike traits left in them (laughs). Don't you think so?"

So there you have it. The great Hayao Miyazaki dislikes gun-loving otakus, pistol-loving ones in particular. Maybe you'll notice some things about his negative opinion on guns and pistols in general by re-watching some of his films. Always a straight shooter, Miyazaki's still telling it like it is.

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