Tseng Lien-Fa, 42, must be the luckiest man alive. A few days ago, he went to catch eels to make some extra money at Taiwan's east coast near Hualien. He ended up getting swept away by huge waves, and he nearly died because he could not swim, but then a miracle happened.

Tseng's wife is eight months pregnant and together they also support her two other children. While a search operation commanded by Taiwan's coast guard was underway, his wife went to the seaside to call for him to return. Her tearful screams were particularly heart wrenching to hear for anyone who listened because Tseng could not swim and was unlikely to survive in the seawater for long.

But a miracle happened! Tseng clung to a large piece of rectangular driftwood for three nights and survived. Rescuers found him stuck in the cracks among the rocks near a beach area that was 47 miles away from where he was swept away. He had been missing for over 60 hours. He was practically unconscious but muttered a plea for the rescuers to contact his wife.

When his wife rushed to the hospital, their joyous reunion touched everyone. Tseng later recalled that he kept thinking about his unborn child and was determined to live to see the baby born. Still, he lost grip of the wood and eventually passed out. When he finally became lucid again, he was already in the hospital. Luckily he suffered only slight dehydration and soreness.

Doctors and coast guard officers agreed that Tseng's survival was unprecedented and almost impossible. Tseng and his wife, Hsu Yee-Hsing, both felt it was a blessing from heaven and from their baby that they were able to reunite.