If you’re meant to be, you’ll be together. Two couples were matched on the season finale of Heart Signal 2, proving this mantra true. The show had kept us guessing who’d end up with whom out of the eight gorgeous and talented cast members. We’ve also been threading a fine line between Oh Young Joo and Im Hyun Joo. Their rivalry and love triangle involving Kim Hyun Woo had been real. Why all the hype about Heart Signal 2? It’s the best dating reality show Korea has ever had. Scroll down to see who matched, what the ending means, and why we’re calling it the best binge watch show of the moment.

Was a month-long cohabitation and dates that ensued enough to find true love? On Heart Signal 2 finale, Jung Jae Ho and Song Da Eun chose each other, and so did Kim Hyun Woo and Im Hyun Joo. The latter felt a bit unexpected. Because of Hyun Woo’s back-and-forth between Hyun Joo and Young Joo, his preference for Hyun Joo lacked the emotional buildup.

Young Joo had been the most popular, given that she received more "heart signals" than anyone else. But her love for Hyun Woo was one-sided, and she failed to get matched. It’s worth mentioning her last goodbye with Lee Gyu Bin, who’d picked her as his last choice. She tells him that she wasn’t aware of his feelings for her until last minute. And she thanks him for the sweet memories they shared. He replies, “I'm glad it was sweet."

Believe it or not, rumors say one of the couples is still going strong in real life. (It’s been 6 months since the show finished filming.)

And now that all episodes are out, Heart Signal 2’s gotta be the best binge watch series of the moment.


Heart Signal 2

Starring Yoon Jong Shin and Lee Sang Min

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