Unfortunately, it seems Park Si Yeon has not found her happily ever after yet. After five years of marriage, it was announced by Park Si Yeon's agency that she is filing for divorce from her husband Park Sang Hun.

A representative from Park Si Yeon's entertainment company Mystic Entertainment admitted to the press that Park Si Yeon is, in fact, filing for divorce from her husband of five years. The representative stated, “Since she’s still in the process of filing a suit and it is a private matter, it is difficult to reveal the reason for divorce." The representative further explained that, “There were efforts to reach a settlement, but it was difficult to settle thus a suit had to be filed unfortunately."  

During the announcement, the agency also strongly requested that, "false rumors and speculations not be spread in consideration of her young children," threatening that they would, "take action [against false rumors and speculations].”

Park Si Yeon and Park Sang Hun were wed back in 2011 and have two daughters together. 

Park Si Yeon became extremely popular after dating Eric Moon from the K-pop group Shinhwa back in 2004, but after the popular couple broke up in 2007 she met and married Park Sang Hun who is a businessman. 


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