Spy Myung Wol Week 11 caption contest winner

Congratulations to Anthony! You have won this week's caption contest! To see the list of other captions for this picture, click here. As for the aftermath of that hospital bed scene? Watch the next episode of Spy Myung Wol on DramaFever!

Now I know we are all anticipating for the next episode of Heartstrings. After all, with that cliffhanger in episode 7, we're all dying to know what will happen in the saga of Gyu Won and Shin. So here, to help sate some of your appetites, is a caption contest for Heartstrings!

Add your caption for the photo below in the comments section, and the winning caption will be announced on Monday, August 1 in the next week's caption contest!

Caption away!

Heartstrings Week 12 caption contest

Oh my God look! I can trace Lee Shin's abs with my finger!

**UPDATE** This contest is now closed. Click here to see the winner and the new caption photo!