This is easily one of the most heartwarming photos I've seen on the Internet in a while, and netizens seem to be thinking the same thing. The photo was one of the most popular posts on China's Sina Weibo, and shows a soldier reuniting with his wife at the airport while two little girls giggle in the cutest way possible in the background.

The photo was posted by username "Here in UK" and netizens mostly responded to this picture in a very positive way saying:

"A rather beautiful photo..."

"Those two little girls are too cute."

"The man says, after ten years away, my daughters are already so big."

Of course as it is with many stories online there were some naysayers even to this incredibly moving photo. Some said:

"Leaving the house in sandals, I think his wife has had an extramarital affair."

"Everyone stop making fun of a very heartwarming thing, or else mainland netizens are again going to be criticized as having low/poor characters."