Valentine's Day is exactly a month away, and the perfect gift has just been made available online by one of Japan's premiere tea companies. Itohkyuemon, which was founded in 1832 in Kyoto, is offering the very best of their green tea in the form of matcha chocolate-covered strawberries, and they look like the most delicious dessert you could ever eat.

If a tea company has been around for almost 200 years, you can bet they're pretty serious about the quality of their product. Itohkyuemon is one of those companies, known in Japan as being one of the best. This iconic tea-producing company is based in Uji, known as the place where the best green tea leaves in Japan are grown. Despite its long history and dedication to tradition, Itohkyuemon does sell modern tea-based sweets as well, but none are as mouthwatering as the new matcha chocolate-covered strawberries.

Called Ochame, which is translated into tea strawberry, these heavenly creations are made with two types of green tea. The first is okoicha, a darker, stronger tea; the second is jousucha, a milder type. By mixing these two teas together into a powder, mixing it with sweet white chocolate, and finally coating the strawberry, Itohkyuemon may have created the most delicious-looking dessert in the world. The best thing about these strawberries are that you don't have to go all the way to Kyoto to purchase them. They're available online, but unfortunately, it looks like they aren't shipping overseas. 

Oh well, at least we can look at the photos...