Heechul of Super Junior and Puff Guo of Dream Girls appear to get along really well as the international couple films We Got Married, Global Edition Season 2. We have a collection of romantic photos of the couple looking like they are sweetly in love. But first we start with this very cute video of Heechul and Puff speaking in Korean and in Chinese.

Wasn't that sweet? After they said hi to us, they inquired about each other's health.

During a recent TV interview, the interaction between Heechul and Puff continued the image of a couple in romantic love. They both have studied each other's native language to improve communication. Regarding some fans' comments that Heechul looks prettier than her, Puff replied that Heechul's personality is very MAN, or masculine, behind his pretty face. Puff even said that it would be hard for her to pull away from the emotions built up from being in the show. She had heard about other WE Got Married couples finding it difficult to leave the virtual marriage after the show, and she understands that feeling now.

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