Heechul and Puff Guo must be making progress as a married couple for their new show We Got Married, Global Edition. Fans have spotted the happy couple doing what married couples do together, shopping for groceries. This photo of Heechul patting the back of Puff's head in an intimate manner has caught fans' attention.

Previously, we reported that Super Junior's Kim Heechul and Dream Grils' Puff Guo were confirmed to be on the new We Got Married, Global Edition. Apparently, filming is well underway and the show is slated to broadcast in April.

After only two days of filming, Puff says that because the show is about being in love, she has realized she hasn't had that heart-fluttering feeling for a while. (Really? Fans of her leading man Aaron Yan on Just Love would disagree.) She also says, "Because the show is unscripted, I've been very nervous. Everything I do is a natural reaction by instinct."

Puff said that she didn't know Heelchul at all except for what she found out from internet searches. She now feels that they are getting along very well. She further compliments the quality of Heechul's face. She understands that in other We Got Married shows there is kissing in the bridal photo-shoot episode. Puff says, "It looks really kissable! I'm so embarrassed." She is also afraid that Heechul's fans will be overly excited and do something to her. (Does she mean she is afraid of kissing Heechul because of his fans?)

In the meantime, that shopping cart looks quite empty. They'd better hurry up with their shopping.