What do Super Junior members, Heechul, Kangin, and Yesung have to do with actress Moon Geun Young? Apparently a lot, according to Heechul. 

During a recent visit to the show Hello Counselor, Super Junior members Heechul, Shindong, Kangin, and Ryeowook were asked if there was ever a time the group members got into a big fight. Heechul took it upon himself (as he always does) to tell a story involving Yesung, Kangin, himself, and Moon Geun Young. 

Heechul explained that one day they were all hanging out at home, and as he was enjoying a pot of ramen, Kangin and Yesung were watching television when a commercial featuring Moon Geun Young came on. Yesung has a mega-crush on MGY, and knowing this, Kangin decided it was a great time to tease Yesung about it. Kangin was saying all sorts of things like "do you think she even knows who you are? She doesn't!" and wouldn't stop. So according to Heechul, Yesung got annoyed, and things blew up to the point that the teasing turned into a huge argument between the two. Heechul said he was so mad about it that he kicked the pot of ramen over all dramatic-like and it was at that point the fighting stopped. 

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Below is the video clip of them talking about the incident. It's not subbed, but I just told you what happened so you don't need them; instead, you can watch and pretend you're totally fluent in Korean. It's fun do it!

Who's your Super Junior bias? Heechul oppa is mine but not in that floppy hat he's wearing in the video clip! #Nope

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