We previously reported that the Korean hit drama Heirs, starring Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye, will be remade as a movie in China. Here are new updates about the script, the lead characters, and possible stars. 

Heirs was extremely popular in China, so it wasn't surprising that a Chinese production company, Happy Era Media Int’l Co., Limited, purchased the rights to film a Chinese movie. What is interesting is that the new movie will be a joint production with Hwa & Dam Pictures, the original producer of Heirs, and the script is penned by the original scriptwriter, Kim Eun Sook.

The new script was recently approved by China's state administration over broadcasting. The record shows the Heirs movie is approved for filming after some modifications to the script. 

The brief synopsis reads, "A young woman named Su En accidentally meets Lin Tan and enters his world. A story full of youthful indecision and personal perseverance ensues. On the road leading to growth and maturity, Su En will meet life's challenges with a positive and optimistic attitude. With her sincerity and hard work, she will eventually win her dreams and love."

Notice the name change from Kim Tan to Lin Tan, and Eun Sang to Su En?

The setting will also be changed from high school to college campus.

Although some Chinese fans aren't too excited about a Chinese remake, fearing that the new movie will ruin the original story, other fans have excitedly joined the speculation of the leading stars. Fans generally don't think that Lee Min Ho will be in the movie, as he probably will be busy promoting his upcoming new film Bounty Hunters, and has publicly said he'd be looking to star in a new drama once he finds a suitable script.

Therefore, take a look-see at these popular new stars that appear to be fan favorites so far:

Li Yifeng - 28-year-old singer-actor who has starred in a string of popular dramas, such as Swords of Legends, Tiny Times, and Lost Tomb. He is ranked 9th on the "2015 Forbes Chinese Celebrity list".

Shen Yilun - 23-year-old actor who rose to fame in his first starring role as the crown prince in 2015's Go Princess Go.

Zheng Shuang has been mentioned as a possible female lead by the fans. The 24-year-old actress rose to fame in Let's Watch The Meteor Shower, the Chinese version of Boys Over Flowers.

Can you think of other Chinese actors for the Heirs movie?

The new movie is expected to be filmed this year and released by year end. 


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