Gaze upon our lovely female lead, Park Shin Hye, acting out her role as the poor but good-hearted heroine of the upcoming Kdrama Heirs. Park Shin Hye makes the most beautiful dishwasher I’ve ever seen. Isn’t there some cosmic justice in the world that states that you’re only allowed to look so lovely 90% of the time at most? I guess Park Shin Hye found a way around that one!

She looks so sad and downtrodden. I hope it's not something one of the male hotties cast members said to her, but I wouldn't be surprised

I just can’t wait to see her all dolled up after what I’m sure will be the standard ‘Pretty Woman’ makeover.

Heirs is the much-anticipated Korean drama premiering in October with an all-star cast that includes Lee Min Ho as the rich and handsome male lead. See photos of Lee Min Ho cruising in a red sports car on the set here, and photos of Kim Woo Bin taking his turn washing dishes here. Make sure to sign up for your premium account HERE so you can see their hot faces in HD and don't forget to sign up for episode alerts for the latest news on the series!