Being pregnant, I can only imagine, can become very stressful and cause future mamas to get anxious at times, especially for first timers. For that reason, an OB/GYN clinic in Taiwan has decided to give all those going through the pre-birth experience some calm and relaxation, by designing the entire clinic with all things Hello Kitty.

Some OB/GYN clinics do have some cute little decorations for the benefit of their patients, but this clinic in Taiwan takes it to a while other level. If you love Hello Kitty, AND you're pregnant, this is a dream clinic. All anxiety and uncertainty is sure to fly out the window in this Hello Kitty environment. With the entrance, whole interior, beds, and even the nurses all Kittied up, expectant mothers are sure to rather be getting looked after here than anywhere else.

With how popular Kitty is, they should open these up all over the world!

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