Up until now, even though anyone is free to love Hello Kitty, she's mostly been a girl thing, but that's all about to change. Kitty has let it be known that she's been missing boys, and she's going to do something about it.

To commemorate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, Sanrio has finally decided to branch out. Iconic character Hello Kitty, who up until now has been marketed strictly for females, now is inviting males to jump in on the fun. Sanrio has launched a "Hello Kitty Men" project, inviting males to join the party. The project will launch with a six-day "Hello Kitty Men" exhibition, which started on September 10th, with a new men's t-shirt line to be showcased to the public.

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There must be a lot of guys all over the world who are excited.

Here is a message from Hello Kitty herself, to all the boys, translated into English:

Thanks for waiting, boys.
And hello to all boys!
I'm Kitty. Up until now, I've been loved by a lot of girls.
But it's always been on my mind.
Not only girls, I want boys to be around me too.
So I'm just going to do it.
Hello Kitty Men Project, a Kitty for boys!
The first part is going to be a t-shirt exhibit, in collaboration with designers.
Cool, right?
I'm going to be coming up with new forms of Kitty.
So stay tuned.
Hello Kitty Men.

Project Start!