Not many of us enjoy going to the dentist. A dentist in Tokyo was tired of being the profession people hated visiting the most, so he did what he thought would make people want to come see him. He asked Hello Kitty to collaborate with him.

The Hearts Dental Clinic, a dental office in the Koutou Ward of Tokyo, is a Hello Kitty fan with a cavity's dream come true. Dissatisfied with the negative reputation dentists have, a dentist in Japan decided to turn his entire clinic into a Hello Kitty wonderland. He asked for Sanrio's permission, and they agreed, allowing Kitty chan to be the official mascot of the clinic.

As expected, the clinic everyone used to avoid is now always filled with patients, eager to get their mouths drilled so they can be surrounded by Hello Kitty bliss. The entire office is decorated and painted with all things Hello Kitty. The room to discuss your treatment plans with the dentist is called Kitty Pearl. The room to get actual work done is Kitty Ruby. And for those folks who get costly implants and other special treatment, there is the Kitty Diamond room. Some come all the way from other prefectures, just so they can see Kitty chan--and maybe get their teeth cleaned. I'm sure kids feel a lot more comfortable here than in some stale dental office. How can a kid not be happy around Hello Kitty?

But for the rare breed of people who live near this office, hate Hello Kitty, AND hate going to the dentist, having to get a root canal here would be like being in a living hell.

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