Do you find yourself sitting on the couch, surrounded by multiple empty cups of ramen, eyes glazed over, blankly staring at a K-drama on your television screen, inwardly wondering, "How many years has it been since I last saw daylight?" Too bad there isn't a special hotline for K-drama addicts! 

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911 OPERATOR: "What's your emergency?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "I can't peel my eyes off of the television"

911 OPERATOR: "And what are you watching on the television....?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "I'm not sure....there was Lee Min Ho and he took his shirt off....and...."

911 OPERATOR: "When did that happen?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "I think 7 days ago....but then Gong Yoo came on and he looks so cute! There was a lot of kissing and setting of unrealistic relationship goals......"

911 OPERATOR: "Okay let me try helping you. Can you pick up your remote and press the red button?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "No I don't think so....I don't have the courage to turn it off....what if a hot oppa takes his shirt off and I'm not there to watch it!"

911 OPERATOR: "I will send over someone to help you....but first tell me, have you eaten?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Yes! Lots of spicy ramen, a jar of kimchi, rice cakes dunked in that kimchi sauce and there was mochi ice cream...."

911 OPERATOR: "How much of this are we talking about?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "1,2,3, 4, 60.....*heavily sobbing* There's too many to count!"

911 OPERATOR: "Okay don't panic, grab the side of your couch and gently lift your body out. Be very sudden movements..."

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Okay but the television.....?"

911 OPERATOR: " It's alright, leave it on and take seven steps towards your bathroom..."

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Should I take plushie Kim Woo Bin with me? He has anxiety issues and doesn't like to be left alone."

911 OPERATOR: "Yes you may take him with you. Now walk towards the bathroom and check if your towel is damp..."

K-DRAMA LOVER: *Dramatic sobbing"

911 OPERATOR: "Are you there?"

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Yes...and the towel is dry with a minty fresh smell that came from the detergent I used on laundry day more than a week ago...."

911 OPERATOR: "Okay just let that be. Instead walk over to your kitchen and grab a glass of fresh water...."

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Can I drink soju instead? Or maybe banana milk? All the cool kids on television drink that..."

911 OPERATOR: "No soju...banana milk is fine." 

K-DRAMA LOVER: "Okay I feel better now...but I still have this strong urge to return to my couch.....and never leave!"

911 OPERATOR: "Can you quickly look around the house for me and tell me if you see any signs that you may have exercised? Sneakers, gym shorts, yoga mat?

K-DRAMA LOVER: "I see several pairs of used chopsticks....maneuvering those counts as a finger workout, right?! Please say yes!"

911 OPERATOR: "Uh...okay. The E.M.T's should be there shortly and they will help you clean up, get dressed and take you towards sunlight."

K-DRAMA LOVER: "But what about Jo Jung Suk....I think he's supposed to take his shirt off in the next epi.."

911 OPERATOR: "BREATHE! Jo Jung Suk will be right there when you're back. But you have to monitor the number of hours you spend with him daily. Okay?"


K-DRAMA LOVER: "Operator I think I am addicted to K-dramas"

911 OPERATOR: "Ssshh......I know you are!"

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