You're not the only one who is missing Seo Kang Joon and Are You Human Too? with only one new episode available this week thanks to the World Cup. In the meantime, we have scoured the net and come up with a few fun clips to help you get through the void. Take a look!

1. When he speaks English in a funny segment from The Entertainer, along with Ji Sung:

2. When he plays famous Korean pianist and composer Yiruma's "River Flows in You" on the piano, with nice close-ups of the chiseled features of your favorite future android:

3. When he was interviewed during his first visit to NYC, on an invitation by DramaFever where and Joo Sang Wook won Best Bromance for Sly and Single Again: (You'll learn why he is mature beyond his age, but you'll also see a very funny side.)

4. When he sings a famous Chinese love song "Fairy Tale," in Chinese no less: (I can attest that his pronunciation sounds great.)

5. When he looked cute with Kim So Hyun in a fanmade Suspicious Housekeeper MV: (It's really cool to know that they both would be rising stars in just a few years.)


Are You Human Too?

Starring Seo Kang Joon and Gong Seung Yeon

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Which one is your favorite clip from above?

You can also see how Seo Kang Joon has transformed over the years. Isn't he impressive?

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