Thanks to scientific research, we have had many incredible technological breakthroughs, and thanks to researchers on the Japanese television show Honma Dekka!?, we may have been given one of the most useful findings of all: the best way to eat a hamburger without spilling anything. Experts in engineering, dentistry and fluid mechanics spent roughy four months coming up with the perfect way to eat a tasty hamburger, and here is what they found.

Here is a 3D scan of a hamburger that demonstrates the researcher's discovery that the usual way of holding a burger, fingers on top, thumbs on the bottom, causes a lot of the burger ingredients to fall out.

Here is what the researchers determined to be the perfect way to eat a hamburger. You start by having your thumbs and pinkies at the bottom, and then put your three middle fingers on top of the bun. This position should cause balance in the burger, therefore containing all of its contents while you eat it.

This is the perfect hold!