Apparently, there was a segment on Japanese television on the world of fruit art. Many viewers thought they too could give it a shot, and it became somewhat of a a mini-fad. Fruit artists from all over Japan have been sharing they're photos online, and they are pretty sweet.

All you need is a knife and fruit of your choice. Or you can use a number of fruits. And you can create anything you want. All it takes is a little time, concentration and creativity. It's obviously not easy, but if you really want to master it, you can even take a class and learn from a professional.

Making art with food and beverages seems to be catching on, and what better way to enjoy and appreciate deliciousness than by having it look special too? When you see the following photos, you may just want to make some fruit art yourself.

Presentation art

Banana Dolphin


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Kiwi Swan

Orange man carrying orange

Pineapple porcupine

Watermelon dragon