Actress Jang Na Ra swears her latest drama Go Back Couple was the best show of her life, and here’s why. “This show is so special to me, because it helped me regain confidence in acting,” the actress told News1.

Jang Na Ra shouldn't be one to feel insecure about her craft. Even before Go Back Couple, she entertained us with dramas like One More Happy Ending (2016), I Remember You (2015), and Mr. Baek (2014). Actually, she’s been filming dramas since 1998 and has a whopping record of 23 dramas under her belt. And that’s not even counting the children's plays she starred in.

Jang says she wasn’t particularly feeling at her best when she started Go Back Couple. She elaborated, “I started filming Go Back Couple after the last tiny piece of confidence in me had been broken. Before then, I thought I could act to a certain point if I did my best. But one day my confidence shattered. I felt like I had nothing left after that. I received the Go Back Couple script while contemplating what to do next. I was surprised that the script was so funny.”

Jang says director Ha Byung Hoon of Go Back Couple played a huge part in assisting her feel confident again in acting. She said, “Even while filming, I wasn’t myself. I couldn’t focus because of high stress. Director Ha told me to trust him. I’ve had people tell me that, but they didn’t keep their word. But when I saw the first edits of Go Back Couple, I realized that he tells people to trust him, and he makes people trust him. He believed in me too. Go Back Couple is so meaningful to me. It means the world to me.”

In the interview, Jang also talked about the many crying scenes of Go Back Couple. She said, “I knew there were a lot of crying scenes in the beginning, but I didn’t know they would continue throughout the show. I cried so much and couldn’t sleep much so that my face, in addition to my eyes, started to swell.”

When asked whether she'd want to time travel to the past like in the show, she answered no. She explained, “I’ve had enough. I like it now. Of course, I like what happens in the drama, because (going back) makes you reevaluate your values. My thoughts have changed too. I used to try not to regret, but I was just being arrogant. It wasn’t that I didn’t regret, I’d blocked myself from feeling that way. I started to see the past differently.”

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