As the countdown begins for Hallyu star Lee Min Ho to enter military service in May, his worldwide fans are also showing their support, and even more importantly, finding creative ways to fill their time for two years while their favorite leading man is away.

Lee Min Ho is confirmed to start his military service on May 12. 

What's a devoted Minoz and K-drama fan to do for the next two years?


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His pet dog will miss him too. 

Do you think Lee Min Ho's girlfriend Suzy will come over to give hugs?


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Many fans are telling each other to post with special hashtags, such as #WELOVEYOULEEMINHO, to show their support and fond farewells:

Fans have also thought of a clever way to fill the loss they feel when Lee Min Ho is away. It works like this:

Make a list of Lee Min Ho's dramas and watch ONE EPISODE A WEEK!

According to their precise calculations, there are 109 weeks to fill until May 12, 2019, and there should be more than enough episodes to cover the duration if you follow this plan.

Start with Boys Over Flowers, on Sunday, May 21, followed sequentially by Personal TasteCity HunterFaithHeirs, and The Legend of the Blue Sea:


Boys Over Flowers

Starring Gu Hye Sun and Lee Min Ho (Heirs)

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Reminder: Just one episode each week!

If necessary, you can also include his movies Gangnam Blues and Bounty Hunters, and even the just released DMZ: The Wild documentary.

What do you think of the fans' idea?

Which drama would you start with?

How about a once-a-week K-drama watch party?

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