One of the most amazing things about technology is that it gets more and more advanced with each passing day. On December 9, software was made available that allows its users to digitally become any character they want through the use of a webcam. And to think that someday soon, something as crazy as this is going to be considered obsolete!

Despite it having been around less than a week, this new software has prompted one online reviewer to give a serious proclamation: "The biggest achievement of all mankind, basically." Released by entertainment platform Steam, and created in collaboration with Romanian developer team FaceRig, the new "FaceRig Live 2D Module" uses "2D Cubism Technology," which allows users to create hand drawn avatars that move as if they were 3D. Then by linking the  avatar to your webcam, the FaceRig module captures in real-time your own facial expressions, which will be simultaneously expressed through whatever avatar you choose or create. Imagine a Skype or FaceTime session where an avatar talks through you and the faces it makes are the same faces you make. If you make a sad face, so will your avatar. Happy? Your avatar will be smiling or laughing, just like you!

This newest technology out of Japan and Romania has already received a lot of worldwide attention. Some have even called it the future of animation. It definitely sounds like a lot of fun to play around with something like this. It's available online at Stream's website at

We are definitely living in the future...

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