For those of us not in Japan during the beautiful cherry blossom season, a virtual trip through Google Maps gives us the next best thing.

We don't always appreciate the wonders of the internet and how it's allowed us to keep in touch with family, friends and events taking place all over the world. With Google Earth, you can see your old neighborhood where you grew up and you can even see the house you lived in, all in 3D. You can take virtual trips to places you've never been and places you've always wanted to go. Wanted to go to Japan this Spring to see the cherry blossoms but couldn't? All you have to do is turn on your computer and go to Google Maps.

Google Street View from Google Maps allows you to virtually experience cherry blossoms from 38 sights in Japan known for their beautiful trees. You can get a complete 360 degree view. I know it doesn't compare to sitting under a cherry tree in Japan and drinking sake, but it is pretty amazing that we can even see these trees from the comfort of our own rooms. With enough sake, you might even start feeling like you're actually there.