For those who want to do more than just watch or dress like their favorite anime characters, there are fragrances out there that will let you smell like them.

For Doraemon fans, the "Doraemon Room Fragrance" may be the fragrance for you. Coming in Nobita, Shizuka, Suneo and Gian scents, these room fragrances will refresh your room and relax you after a long, hard day. "Shizuka" will make your room smell like hers, clean and rosy. "Suneo," the privileged rich boy fragrance, has a gorgeous scent. "Gian" is calm and relaxing, while "Nobita" symbolizes youth and adventure. I'd like the "Nobita" please.

There are other anime fragrances on the market, too. The "Attack on Titan Fragrance" is selling out, being the number one selling animation perfume. The scents come in "Levi," "Mikasa," and "Ellen," each representing the fragrances of the characters. Not only are these perfumes for everyday use, they are also highly recommended for cosplayers. Are you a fan of "The Prince of Tennis" or "The Basketball Which Kuroko Plays?" There's a fragrance for you, too.

If sales of these perfumes are any indication, there's a good chance that more fragrances based on anime characters will be coming out in the future.