Call Me Mother premieres today, but the seriousness of it is already in the air. Last Thursday, actors Lee Bo Young (I Hear Your Voice), Heo Yool, Lee Hye Young, and Go Sung Hee showed up at the show’s press conference. Actor Go Sung Hee, who plays the abusive mother, teared up the moment she got up on stage, suggesting this drama will make us cry a river in no time.

Call Me Mother is a thriller melodrama about motherhood. According to director Kim Chul Kyu, it’s a moving story of a woman who vows to never become a mother. She meets a young girl who shares her hurtful past with her, and realizes the nurturing nature she didn’t know she had in her.

At the pre-production stage, Lee Bo Young was worried about filming with a child actor, but Yool was excellent. Lee says, “She’s so mature and strong. She worked just like an adult actor would … I'm so proud of her."

Through Call Me Mother, Lee wishes to deliver a message about abused children. She says she chose to film Call Me Mother not because it was fun or because she thought it'd become popular, but out of social responsibility. 

Throughout the press conference, Lee Bo Young mentioned the child actor, Heo Yool. On filming with a child actor who plays an abused first grader, Lee says, “When I first read the script, I was worried about the child actor who’d get to play Hye Na, and the actor unnecessarily getting informed that some children in this world are abused. I asked the production team to have Yool see a therapist after filming abusive scenes. I constantly tell her, ‘You and your role are separate.’ ... She knows it's just an act. She's taking it well.”

While Lee Bo Young plays Hye Na’s (Heo Yool) new mother, actor Go Sung Hee plays the abusive biological mother. “I thought hard and long about how to portray a mother who lacks the ordinary affection,” Go says, explaining that she analyzed her character’s background in order to represent her best on screen. Go says filming with Yool is difficult. "Yool is so lovely and pretty. It wasn't easy filming scenes where I had to scream at her. I feel so sorry for her.”

Call Me Mother premieres on DramaFever today!


Call Me Mother

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