On January 31, Japanese Studio Ghibli fan and artist Takumi uploaded onto his Twitter account an incredibly detailed concept map of TOKYO GHIBLI LAND, a theme park of all things Studio Ghibli that he wishes could be built. The odds of this happening are obviously slim to none, but Takumi's colorful map and concept are spreading like wildfire on the internet. Whether Hayao Miyazaki himself has seen this yet or not isknown, but when he does, he's sure to be impressed.

After all, Studio Ghibli's works are all about the imagination. Takumi started drawing a detailed map of TOKYO GHIBLI LAND simply because he wished it existed, creating not only a general map of the theme park, but a detailed one, complete with accommodations, restaurants, and of course, rides and attractions. Takumi is currently working on the food items for the restaurants and the merchandise which would be sold at the park. He's determined to go all the way, and its pretty obvious he has the focus. The entire park is a Ghibli wonderland with attractions like Automobile Mountain from Castle in the Sky, the Yakul Carousel from Princess Mononoke, the Sea of Decay Cruise from Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, and accommodations like Porco Rosso's Hotel Adriano and Spirited Away's Aburaya Bathhouse. The park is truly another world, a Ghibli world come to life.

Of course, it's highly doubtful that Studio Ghibli would do anything as commercial as a theme park, but one can always dream. And if there ever was to be a Ghibli theme park, there wouldn't need much planning involved because Takumi's taken care of all of that. He dreamed up and worked on a complete map of TOKYO GHIBLI LAND, and thanks to him fans all over the world can at least imagine what it would be like to go around the entire park on a Cat Monorail.

Calcifer at the center of the park

Princess Kaguya’s Bamboo Grove and more 

Aburuya Bathhouse and surrounding area

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Hotel Adriano and Automobile Mountain

Sea of Decay Cruise and Aviation Museum

Original drawing