[caption id="attachment_33061" align="alignleft" width="347" caption="Lee Soo Hyuk"][/caption] Our first look at the college musical drama What's Up is a brand new, 4-minute trailer that introduces Im Joo Hwan (Tamra the Island) and the rest of the cast telling us how they ended up at the academy. The rest of the cast includes a deliciously stuck-up Im Joo Eun and reclusive musical genius Lee Soo Hyuk. The battle of the Kdrama Glees is fast approaching, with both What's Up and the high school musical Dream High facing off next year. Han Ji Hye is making her drama comeback after getting married earlier this year in the last episode of KBS's short-form drama series The Pianist. Her first role since 2008's East of Eden is a sad one, an unhappy music teacher who gave up her dream to become a concert pianist. Sungkyunkwan Scandal standout Mickey Yoochun talks about his experience on the hit sageuk, transitioning from pop star to actor, a nasty illness that hospitalized him and much more in a new interview. The South Korean government is working to beef up protections for underage performers against sexual exploitation, saying they are responding to the increasing population of teenage celebrities. The new proposal would strengthen guidelines on what kind of sexual content could be shown on television or in magazines. It also aims to protect teen entertainers from rigorous schedules that keep them out of school, and guard them from being compelled to perform "immodest acts." Kim Bum and Hwang Jung Eum do a cute little dance number in their new CF for D'Maris Restaurant--check it out here. Kim Tae Hee tells everyone looking for "The Second Kim Tae Hee" to settle down. According to her, everyone's special--so stop with the comparisons! Finally, 10asia has just released its first encyclopedia of Korean idols, featuring 2010's biggest stars. See who made the top 15 celebrities of the year right here.