Actress  Chen Qiao-En (Joe Chen) is probably most well-known to international viewers for Fated to Love You, the romance comedy drama that was so popular that it was remade into a Korean version. She is considered the queen of romance by Chinese drama fans because she has excelled in many romances and is often paired with hot leading men, including Wang Kai in the romcom Stay With Me. Take a look at these six enviable pairings from her portfolio.

Although Chen Qiao-En debuted in the 2001 Taiwanese drama  Lavender, her role in Fated to Love You is what propelled her to top-tier star status with international fame. In recent years, she has found more projects in the Chinese mainland. One thing special about Chen is that she has excelled in the romance genre. No wonder fans have nicknamed her "Queen of Romance." 

She is also famous for being linked to many leading men with whom she co-starred. However, only one real-life romance has been officially confirmed.

1. Fated to Love You (2008) with Ethan Ruan - Their intertwining love story that began with an accidental encounter was so enchanting that it remains the highest-rated drama ever in Taiwan.


Fated to Love You

Starring Ethan Ruan and Joe (Qiao En) Chen

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The romantic drama won Best Drama in Golden Bell Awards and was distributed to 15 countries around the world. Chen has said she views Ethan as a playful friend and cannot see themselves to be dating in real life. 

2. Easy Fortune Happy Life (2009) with Roy Chiu - T-drama fans experienced Second Male Lead Syndrome via Roy Chiu in this delightful romance.


Easy Fortune Happy Life

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Lan Cheng Long

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Chen Qiao-En was reportedly very friendly with Roy, but both denied a dating relationship. Roy was later more famously  linked with Tiffany Tang (The Princess Weiyoung).

3. Beauties of the Emperor (2013, filmed in 2011) with Ming Dao - the leading characters engaged in a passionate love/hate relationship during a turbulent era in ancient China.

Talks about Ming Dao and Chen Qiao-En swirled even before filming started, because the two had previously co-starred in successful idol dramas such as The Prince Who Turns into a Frog. In separate interviews, Chen said she and Ming Dao wouldn't be compatible as a real couple, and Ming Dao said the two were such close friends that they knew each other too well to date.

4. Swordsman (2013, filmed in 2012) with Wallace Huo - The pairing of the leading couple in the martial-arts romance adventure made headline news because fans wanted a real-life reunion for the two stars who had dated many years ago.

Although Wallace Huo is now happily married to Ruby Lin, he acknowledged Chen Qiao-En as his first girlfriend after they co-starred in 100% Seniorita (2003). Their on-screen chemistry was indeed sizzling, but fans' hope was ultimately dashed.

5. Stay With Me (2016) with Wang Kai - the leading couple has so many kiss scenes in the drama that fans started counting how many times they've kissed.


Stay with Me - 放弃我, 抓紧我

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Wang Kai

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Even while they were filming the romantic drama, Chen Qiao-En and Wang Kai were rumored to be dating. In late December 2016, Chen and her parents were seen visiting Wang Kai's parents. Both actors have said they're just friends, but perhaps there is something more? Wang Kai even defended Chen recently.

6. Candle in the Tomb (2016) with Jin Dong

For the first time, there aren't any rumors about Chen Qiao-En and her handsome leading man in the mystery adventure drama that is based on a famous novel

Chen Qiao-En is taking on a character that is quite different from her usual roles. Shirley (Chen Qiao-En) is a Chinese American photographer for the National Geographic. She stays calm in a crisis situation and is a skillful problem solver.

The period drama's gripping story sends the tomb searchers to remote regions of China that aren't usually covered in dramas. Reportedly, there may be a budding romance between the two main characters, but the truly breathtaking scenes will be of the teams' adventure.


Candle in the Tomb - 鬼吹灯之精绝古城

Starring Joe (Qiao En) Chen and Jin Dong

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