A previous report expressed the concern that Lee Min Ho may be leaving for his military service this year. Unlike Kim Soo Hyun's agency, which recently made an announcement, Lee Min Ho's agency hasn't issued any official statement. Have no fear, fans. Here's why I think Lee Min Ho won't be going into the military until at least 2016.

First of all, Lee Min Ho is very busy in 2015. Aside from promotional activities related to the recently released hot movie, Gangnam Blues (Gangnam 1970), Lee Min Ho will be holding his first concert in Hong Kong on March 21.

He also has many endorsements, including newly added ones. He reportedly has over 30 endorsement commitments, such as recently added Samsonite RedTNGT, and Shimao Property. Would they sign him up if he couldn't give them at least a one-year term?

Here's a photo from his ad for Shimao Property, which develops ultra premium real estate in China:

Of course, we can also go into the discussion about how the South Korean government should thank him for rejuvenating a new Hallyu wave to introduce Korean dramas to a new generation of Asian and global viewers. However, it is an honor to serve one's military duty, so we don't really expect Lee Min Ho to shirk his duty unless there is a health-related reason.

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But nothing is clearer than paying attention to what the irresistibly likable guy himself said in a recent interview. Lee Min Ho shared the following when he spoke to a Star News reporter about his plans for 2015: “I want to work all year without taking any breaks. I want to work a lot in my 20s. [For this year], I’m hoping to be in one movie and one drama. Like sunbae Kim Rae Won’s character from the drama Attic Cat, I want to play a person who is unemployed in their 20s. For a movie, I would like to be in a big-scale film made for entertainment. A love story with a good message would be okay too.”

And then in another interview with Ten Asia on February 1, he was even more specific:

"I've always had one project each year, but because the movie (Gangnam Blues) was delayed in its release, I didn't have any work to show last year. So what I'm thinking now is that I will make one movie and one drama for this year. Although it is still not confirmed, hopefully the movie will be made in the mid-year, and the drama will be completed in the second half of this year."

Having been a Minoz fan myself, to me it would be out of character if Lee Min Ho misleads us about his plans for 2015. Therefore, not only do we have Lee Min Ho telling us he is going to be busy for work "all year," he even said he plans to be in a drama and a movie, and at least one of which will be a love story with a positive message. His last drama, Heirs, was completed in late 2013. It's about time for his devoted fans to see him in another drama! 

And, do you think he can complete a new drama and a new movie within a few months and head straight into the military in 2015? I seriously doubt it.

Cheers, everyone!

Life is good, especially if you are a K-drama fan!

~ NancyZdramaland

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