Another fabulous new drama is hitting DramaFever today. This one is a medical drama that focuses on the story of a brilliant doctor and his two apprentices. Seo Hyun Jin plays Yoon Seo Jung, who is one of the apprentices of Doctor Romantic alongside Yoon Yun Suk. The pretty actress plays a passionate and diligent young woman who is haunted by a mistake from her past and only became a doctor to win someone’s recognition. But this isn't the actress's first foray on the big screen. In fact she's a veteran actress who has give us some memorable K-drama moments, and we definitely think she's a name to watch out for! Still wondering why? 

1. She stole your heart in Another Oh Hae Young

The pretty actress starred alongside Jun Hye Bin in this hit series, which follows the story of two women who not only have the same name, but also the same destiny. She won a lot of praise for her work along with lead actor Eric Moon

2. She made you hungry and giggle a lot in Let's Eat 2

Her portrayal of Baek Soo Ji, a freelance writer who was tremendously overweight and was called a pig by other students was heartwarming and on point. Fans particularly loved her energy, charisma and dedication to the role with many stating that "she carried the drama single-handedly."

3. She can nail kissing scenes like a pro!

In one of the episodes in Another Oh Hae Young, the actress is required to kiss her co-star Eric Moon passionately. When asked how many retakes the scene took, she shyly replied, “That scene had no retakes. We did it all in one go in case we would get embarrassed.” Quite the pro, right?

4. She graduated from Dongduk Womnen's University in music

After her first K-pop group M.I.L.K was dissolved, the actress went back to school and majored in applied music to keep her dream of a career in singing alive. Isn't that inspirational?

You can hear her sing in several of her dramas' original soundtracks:

5. She's won many awards!

The pretty actress has won five awards so far, but her most notable one is tvN10's Romantic Comedy Queen for Another Oh Hae Young! 

6. She has an english name too!

While her Korean name is Seo Hyun Jin, the actress's Christian name is Gabriella and she belongs to the Roman Catholic faith. 

7. She almost became the 10th member of Girls' Generation

She originally debuted in the entertainment industry as an idol in SM Entertainment girl group M.I.L.K. However, when her group disbanded after just one release, she was prepared to debut once again in the agency’s new group, which would become Girls’ Generation. Although Seo Hyun Jin never actually made her debut with Girls’ Generation, fans were surprised that the group’s legendary debut song “Into the New World” was actually supposed to be the title track for M.I.L.K’s second album! Woah, isn't that crazy?

You can watch the talented actress light up your screen in our latest drama, Doctor Romantic tonight! Click here to add it to your queue! 


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