For someone only 29 years old, Kriti Bharti has already done more good in her life than most people ever do in an entire lifetime. As a crusader against child marriage, the real-life hero has stopped an astounding 900 of them from occurring in the last 4 years alone, while also dedicating her time to rehabilitating over 5500 women and 6000 children, all because she feels it's the right thing to do.

Working in India's northern state of Rajasthan, where child marriage is most rampant (despite it having been made illegal many years ago), Kriti will do anything to prevent a child from having to enter the union of matrimony. “My work means so much to me,” she says. “I dedicate my life to helping these defenseless children from their families who force them into the most barbaric circumstances because of tradition.” Carrying out her mission through the charity organization Saarthi Trust, Kriti will not only risk her life to prevent child weddings, she will do all she can to rehabilitate child brides once they are freed from the unimaginable reality of being forced into relationships they have no desire to be in. According to Kristi, “After you stop a child marriage, the girl child is treated like a social outcast. It becomes important to rehabilitate her and help her become part of the society again.” 

For all her hard work, Kristi has received a number of accolades, including a fellowship from the British Government and Thomson Reuters Corporation. But on the other hand, she has received over 50 death threats since she started her work. She refuses to give in to any sort of intimidation. Kristi is not the type of woman to back down from anything. When she was a child, she was poisoned and was forced to quit school. Refusing to give up, she continued on, eventually earning a PhD in Child Protection and Safety. And now, she is literally saving thousands of lives, one precious child at a time.

Yes, there are heroes in this world.

Here she is with Bhanu, a girl who, at 17, tried to kill herself after her forced marriage,

Here she is with the loves of her life.

With Lamsi, whose first marriage got annulled thanks to Kriti. Here they celebrate Lamsi's second and consensual marriage.

Isn't she amazing?


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